How to Face Your Giants (Samuel 17)

Is there a more famous Biblical account than David’s encounter with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17? It’s a story that we not only know first-hand, but finds its reference in books and TV shows and as a general American ethos (American history essentially began with a defeat of “Goliath,” AKA the British Empire). We love this story because giants exist. In every context, in every form. And we want to believe that no matter how big and bad they are, we can defeat them.

But here’s my question. What about those giants that are too big for us? What happens when we encounter something that no amount of inner fortitude and courage can overcome? I wonder if we have misapplied this Biblical story. I wonder if we’re not meant to see ourselves as David, but to see someone else in him, fighting for us. Pray for courage and humility this Sunday.

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