The Greatness of God (Psalm 104)

The Psalms, if you did not know, are songs. They are a collection of 150 songs, written originally for the worship of the Hebrew people, and now the Christian church. And they are so important to the church, and to our faith, because they give us an uncompromising, comprehensive way to speak about life to God. They help us praise, give thanks, express regret over sin, pour out grief, ask for help, cry out our fears, and more. The great ancient theologian Athanasius said this about the Psalms: “Whatever your particular need or trouble, from this same book you can select a form of words to fit it so that you…learn the way to remedy your ill.”

This week we enter back into the Psalms for the Summer with a look at God’s greatness. May we get a sense for his majesty, beauty and power, and, in turn, know who we are in comparison to him.

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