When Your Foundation is Destroyed, Don’t Run (Psalm 11)

Time for some honesty from your pastor. I am anxious. It’s pretty low level, but it seems to be present all the time. Part of the anxiety is from the huge change in the way we do ministry now (video conferencing, livestreaming the service, and lots of phone calls). And, of course, I am anxious about what’s happening out there. Going out in public is hazardous and scary. Thinking about the damage being done to the economy is distressing. And, perhaps worst of all, no one knows when all this will end.

There are lots of things we need to be doing to fight back anxiety and despair. Prayer, spending quality time with family, even if via Facetime, going out for walks. I have been doing all that, but also turning to the Psalms daily for help. The Psalms not only put into words how I often feel, but they remind me of the truths I need to remember. And so we’re going to work through Psalm 11 this week, to understand that though our wordly foundations may be destroyed, we do not need to run away. Pray for peace for all of us this week.

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