Who Is Your Neighbor? (Luke 10:25-37)

This Sunday I would like to address the issues our country has been facing the past few weeks, since the murder of George Flloyd. And I want to address it not because I have radically new things to share, or because my opinion matters more than others. I want to address it because it feels like this moment is different. It feels like this moment is not just a blip on the radar, but an earthquake that will shape the culture in deep and profound ways. And so, as Christians, we can’t miss this opportunity. To humbly listen. To understand our blind spots and sins. To repent. To extend kindness. To fight for the justice of the oppressed.

The best text to think through this is Luke 10:25-37, the Parable of the Good Samaritan. And this text is so important because it reveals the heart of Christ and shows us what it really means to follow him and become like him. And if we can become like him—if we can do as he did, think as he thought, and love as he loved—it will take us a long way to helping heal the racial divisions and trauma in this country. Please pray for humility, kindness and justice.

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