Mike Allen

Mike Allen is an elder at GracePoint Community Church. In his second term, Mike has seen our church transition from Greater Lawrence Tech to 505 Sutton St to our current home 25 Orchard Hill Rd. As one of the Global Outreach Leaders, he connects with our Missionaries all over the world as we seek to support them financially and also in person with Missions Trips recently to Panama and Moldova. Mike lives in Atkinson NH with his wife Shannon and three sons Jude, Levi and Caleb.

In his biblical role as elder, Mike is part of a team that leads the church (as outlined in 1 Tim 5:17; Titus 1:7; 1 Peter 5:1–2), teaches and preaches the Word of God (as in 1 Timothy 3:2; 2 Timothy 4:2; Titus 1:9), protects the church from false teachers (Acts 20:17, 28–31), visits the sick and prays (James 5:14; Acts 6:4), and helps to judge doctrinal issues (Acts 15:6).

Contact: mike@gracepointne.org