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This Week’s Sermon: “God’s Plan In A Word” By Pastor Dave Brown

This week I will begin a brief new series, “God’s Plan of Giving”, a series on stewardship, the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Sunday’s message is entitled, “God’s Plan in a Word”, from Luke 6:38. The next message, “How God’s Plan Works” will follow on April 18th. The final message is entitled “How Little Becomes Much” and will be given on April 25th. 

Updates From Pastor Dave

Biblical preaching and teaching is a key element in a successful pastoral transition. Preaching provides a way to focus on God’s desire to see His church renewed and empowered by His Spirit. The hope, direction, and guidance of scripture will enable the church to effectively navigate through the transition. 
As Interim Pastor I have tentatively planned out a schedule of topics/subjects that I believe will help the church through the transition.  I make adjustments to this plan as I walk further through the intentional interim process. 
During a pastoral transition, every congregation needs to hear messages that will be helpful to remind them of how great God is and what He expects from us. Subjects such as the nature of God, the authority of the Word of God, the identity of the believer, the Lordship of Christ, the family, the characteristics of a healthy church, living by faith and other topics will be presented in the days ahead. Let’s pray much that God will change hearts through the preaching of His Word.

Elder Recommendation

The Elder Nominating Committee recently recommended Jason Diaz as a nominee to serve as an Elder. The Elders have ratified that recommendation. If any member of the congregation knows of reasons why Jason is not biblically qualified to serve, please submit such information/evidence to the Nominating Committee (Tim Adler, Alison Ellison or Jim Bolton) for consideration on or before May 4, 2021.

Foster And Adoption Care In The Merrimack Valley

To all who support foster and adoption care in the Merrimack Valley

The Fostering Hope Merrimack Valley (FHMV) network of churches is hosting its first quarterly prayer gathering on Monday, April 12th. The event will begin at 7 pm and end between 7:45 and 8 PM.

FHMV exists to help churches and individuals in the towns and cities of the Haverhill DCF catchment care for children and families impacted by foster care. We believe that while not every church and individual is called to do the same thing, every church and individual can do SOMETHING to make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. One of the most important “somethings” we can do is pray! Here is the link to register:  

A Zoom link will be sent to all registrants via email by 10 am on the day of the meeting.  A week before the meeting we will send out a prayer agenda for the evening. 

We’re praying for kids from hard places. We’re praying for all who support them.  If you have been involved in Fostering Hope, we hope you can join. And if you know of some prayer warriors in your church, invite them too. Better yet: Pass this along to your whole congregation. Prayer does not prepare us for the battle. Prayer is the battle.

Our primary concern is for the children in our area who need a safe, nurturing family.  Specifically, our prayer might focus on:

  • Well being of kids in care
  • Teens aging out of the system
  • Need for new foster homes. One goal is ten new homes each year in our catchment area
  • Foster family retention of the families we now have
  • Needs of sibling groups
  • Biological families of origin
  • Principal care givers in foster and adoption homes, including the extended family
  • Support systems for each family
  • Child welfare professionals, social workers
  • Recruiting new churches into FHMV
  • Specific needs in our individual churches

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