We want you to know, straight up, that our church is a place of grace.

We’re a church of sinners saved entirely by the grace of Jesus Christ. Our mission now is to understand this grace completely, live it out fully, and share it passionately. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to have you join us.

What we believe

BibleWe believe that the Bible is the final authority in all matters pertaining to Christian faith and practice.
GodWe believe there is only one living and true God – perfect, infinite and eternal.
HumanityWe believe that humans were created by God but have alienated themselves from God and are in need of reconciliation.
Jesus ChristWe believe that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ is both completely divine and completely human.
Holy SpiritWe believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and that He empowers us for life and service.
SalvationWe believe that through the gift of Jesus’ death on the cross our rebellion can be forgiven, and through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ we can be reconciled to God.
The churchWe believe that the Church is universal and that it is manifested locally through companies of Christ followers, meeting together as the “Bride of Christ.”
OrdinancesWe believe that both Baptism and The Lord’s Supper are visible signs of the realities of salvation. We are commanded to observe them, but we do not depend on them for salvation.
Last thingsWe believe that Christ will return at God’s appointed time.
Statement of FaithFor our complete statement of faith, please click here.

What we value

Biblical preaching and theologyWe make the main point of a passage of Scripture the main point of the sermon and apply it to life today. And we do this in line with sound doctrine: right thoughts about God that accords with Scripture.
The gospelJesus Christ lived the life we were supposed to live and died the death we were supposed to die. And because we trust that he has done this, we are saved. The gospel now guides, informs and sustains everything we do.
Covenant membershipWe solemnly commit to each other under the leadership of the elders. This happens in friendships, staying after worship to talk, serving those in need, and meeting with one another in life groups.
DiscipleshipOur aim is to grow in the likeness of Christ through the accountability and help of other believers and leaders. We do this through imitation, teaching and correction.
Biblical leadershipWe are led by a group of elders who guide and guard–who shepherd–the church via prayer, teaching and discipleship.
Christ-centered worship & kids ministryWe aim to re-present the gospel every Sunday in song, prayer, confession and teaching. And this goes for our kids, too, whom we’re helping grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.
OutreachWe long for the whole world to know and receive the saving grace of Christ. And so through acts of service and intentional evangelism, we seek to bring the healing power of the gospel to our neighborhoods, towns, country and world.

Constitution & Bylaws

Want details about what our church believes or how our church operates? Please review our full constitution and bylaws.